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About Tatiana 


Tati the Coach

Hey guys, I am Tatiana Mota (or Tati) and I am extremely passionate about health and wellness. . . Just ask my husband how annoying I get when he comes home from the supermarket and I get upset because something wasn't organic or he forgot to read the ingredients on a package! I mean business when it comes to the health of my family and I want to help you find that balance, too! I love sharing with my clients how to truly value what's on their plate, as well as what's off their plate, creating a whole body, mind, and soul approach for a better life. I want you to feel good, while looking good!

what led me here 

There are many things that led me to pursue a career in the wellness industry, and to be honest with you guys, looking back, I have always felt a pull in this directionI was born in a small town in Brazil, but grew up in Astoria, NY where I was raised by a dancer and a cyclist, both very aware of healthy eating and good habits. So, as a dancer myself, I knew what was good for my body. I started yoga at 17, did some soul searching, but it wasn't really until I became pregnant with my first baby that I realized how naive about my health I really was. And there began my journey towards real, deep seated, wholesome healing


WHat I've learned

I studied Psychology in college because I just knew I wanted to help people, though I also learned a lot about the health industry in America and I didn't agree with where it was going. Through many books, courses, tons of research, and many self help "gurus", I started realizing I have a true passion for the ancient approach to healing which is: holistic, looking at the person as a whole being and taking into account not only their whole body, but also the mind and spirit. After being an entrepreneur in different business areas, I finally took the plunge and joined Institute for Integrative Nutrition where I learned an abundance of techniques in healing and a variety of nutrition based practices. 

What I Believe

I've come full circle to the understanding that we are each multi-dimensional beings, on our own journey. This is why I base my practice on the big belief that there is no one size fits all. I believe it is about being mindful to what you are doing and following your intuition. Each specific situation opens a possibility to a new decision that will define who we become. So, each decision for me is a mindful one, where I now choose what is best for my well being. And I apply that not only to my life but to my business and clients. I believe you can start NOW.


I am currently living in Orlando with my husband and 3 kids, are also on their own journey to mindfulness.

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