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Do You Even Float Sis?

Ok, so I promised you guys an honest review about floating so here it is 🙌:

I f*cking love it! 😂 Seriously.

So back story: I came across float tanks back in 2015 when I was looking for a natural way to reach altered states of consciousness and a friend mentioned they had an amazing out of body experience inside a tank. I was immediately drawn to it. However, where I lived at the time (Myrtle Beach, SC) had no where near me, a float space. Fast forward 2 years later, we moved to centeal FL and one day I just happened to be walking next to a center. I walked in super excited but got really disappointed by the vibes of the place. It was pretty and all but lacked depth. I just didn’t resonate, I wanted to hear words like “you’ll feel highly meditated” and not “this is great for back pain” 🙄. That’s just me 🤷🏽‍♀️ I was looking for a place that understood the deeper benefits of floating and would sell me on those points!

Come 2020 and I find this amazing float center, Total Zen Float in Casselberry, a little further drive but exactly the space I was looking for. They are very kind, generous, conscious, and understand the more spiritual experience of floating. They are super clean and organized, which is a must for float centers. They also offer yoga classes and really bring out the zen vibes! I was explained exactly what I would be getting myself into, including tips on how to deepen the experience (😉 #iykyk)! How I came across this place should be a whole other blog post, but long story short, I started following the owner on Instagram for his very conscious and hilarious memes and after listening to one of his podcasts I realized his float center was right here in FL!

Here’s what to expect:

You have a huge tank, filled with 350 gal of water and 1000 lbs of epsom salt, which allows you to float. The water is set to the perfect temp to match our body temp, you put in ear plugs (don’t forget these!), turn off the light and just completely deprive the senses. It’s just you, your breath, and your mind 😌.

You can go in naked or in a bathing suit ( I wore just bottoms) and you can have meditative music or just enjoy the quiet. I’ve had both, but the music did help me get into meditation much quicker. The first few minutes (especially your first time) you are just getting used to floating there. The monkey brain is trying to figure out WTH is happening and as you settle into it, you start to feel yourself fall into a meditative state. Personally, I like to do some breathwork by this time and then just welcome what comes up. If you meditate regularly, this will be easy for you to dive deeper into your practice. If you aren’t a meditator, this will help you become one🙌

My first experience was profound, but not as profound as the second. In the first, I didn‘t get into meditation until almost halfway through and was just enjoying the quietness. My second time I fell into meditation a lot quicker, especially since I did deep belly breathing techniques and Wim Hoff style short breaths into long hold breaths. This brought me into an almost hypnosis state. I was all mind, my body was gone. Consciousness and subconsciousness merged. This is where the magic happens. If you have astral traveled before you would most likely go ahead and leave the body at this point.

Once you are done, the light comes on and you simply shower to remove all the epsom salt off of you. I love that this place provides non-toxic shampoo and conditioner, too (Trader Joe’s brand). They provide a towel and I always bring a plastic bag for my wet bottoms.

Here are some of the benefits from floating:

• Assists in muscle injury

•Eases inflammation

•Eliminates toxins

•Helps the circadian rhythm

•Is a form of grounding

•Proven to help with anxiety and depression

•Therapeutic for mental health and emotional health

•Impactful on creative thinking (by relaxing left brain hemisphere and activating right hemisphere)

•Deeper meditative states

•Spiritual growth (by depriving body of other senses, focus more on connection to source)

•Enhancing introspection (great for self love exercises)

•Altered states of consciousness

•Oh, and it’s also great for the immune system!

I truly love the experience. It’s hard to put into words, you really do just have to experience it. You step out of the tank and feel like you’re still floating it’s almost like a dream. I can’t wait to go back for more!

My husband and I purchased a package of 4 floats for $124, making it super affordable! They also have unlimited floats for the month, which I will end up getting next.

I honestly can’t wait until my next float!

P.S. - 🤫 next time I might take an edible or some 🍄😉


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