10 Tips for Vitality

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Here are 10 small things you can start doing right now that will transform your life and bring you vitality!

Reaching our greatest health can be a challenge, but only if we allow it to be! Here are some super powerful tools you can take with you to reach vitality! These are optimal and when applied together you can transform your life!

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is truly everything in this life. So, begin with falling in love with what you already have and who you already are. Let's take the journey given to us, however difficult it may seem, and be so effin thankful that we are here to experience all of it. This is the journey you chose before birthing in this body, this biological machine that has given you the ability to experience life with the five senses. When we are in a state of gratitude, life simply becomes better because we are choosing so. Life doesn't happen to you, it happens FOR you and you are the mind creating it. So, choose to be thankful for every lesson, every milestone, and every roadblock. It is our job to take responsibility for how we want to tell our story. Do we want to be the victim, who lacks so much, who is in a competition of whose life is the hardest? Or do we want to be the hero, who is always abundant, and who is content with seeing others be happy and abundant, too? The grass isn't greener on the other side when we face life with eyes of gratitude. The grass is, instead, overflowing with beautiful flowers and fruit for us to discover and enjoy all around.

To start, begin each morning with a gratitude journal or just saying out loud three things you are grateful for upon opening your eyes. It can be as simple as being grateful for waking up today and having a bed to sleep on and clothes to wear. You can go into more detail or write a whole list of all the things you are grateful for, the more the better! End each day with words of gratitude as well, describing what in your day you are grateful for, even on the hard, challenging days.

2. Mindfulness/Meditation

Living with gratitude in your heart will bring you to become more mindful of your everyday life. Mindfulness will help you to see how much you influence your surroundings, how your thoughts create your reality, and how much your body works on autopilot. Mindfulness is simply being aware. Being aware of yourself, the thoughts that come and go inside your head, and aware of who you are behind those thoughts. Adding more mindfulness to your life will help you to better understand why things are the way they are in your day to day.

Mindfulness is also excellent for your physical health as it helps the body to return to a parasympathetic state, or the rest and digest state of the nervous system. It can reduce anxiety and stress on the body and therefore lower risk of degenerative diseases.

I would recommend starting with some meditation exercises. Simply sitting down in a comfortable position with your back and neck straight, close your eyes and pay attention to your breath as it enters the body and becomes a part of you, then leaves your body and is back in the the air around you. You can follow a guided meditation until you are comfortable with doing them on your own.

3. Drink plenty of water