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Açaí bowls anyone?

Updated: May 24, 2019

A healthy, yummy, at-home version of the trendy açaí bowl!

Here, I made this for you!


Hey guys! Just want to firstly welcome you to my blog! This is the first blog post (YAY) and I am super excited to share with you guys the yummiest, healthiest, most crunchy mommy-est blog posts full of useful tools, recipes, and personal stories for you to use and connect with in your life!


Lets get right to it! This recipe makes one large bowl or about 16 oz- 20 oz (depending on how much a handful in for you😉).


  • half of a frozen acai pouch or one acai powder scoop

  • handful of frozen, organic, wild blueberries

  • handful of frozen, organic beets

  • handful of frozen, organic bananas (or about half a banana)

  • 1tbs of real maple syrup

  • 1/2 cup of organic coconut cream (or 1 cup if you would rather have as a smoothie)

Blend all ingredients until smooth and pour that baby into a bowl!

I usually decorate my bowls with delicious super foods to give an extra boost of nutrients and to add fun textures and flavors into the mix.

Toppings I used:

  • organic hemp seeds

  • organic rolled oats

  • organic cacao nibs

  • organic peanut butter

  • organic, fresh raspberries

But you can really add just about anything —preferably healthy— you desire! Such as granola, more banana slices, any kind of fresh berries, any kind of seeds or nuts, any kind of nut or seed butter, shredded coconuts, chopped dates, raisins, craisins, honey, more maple syrup (avoid agave), goji berries, etc., etc.! Girl/boy, do you!


One thing I do like to remind clients though is that frozen foods are not the best choice for the digestive system. According to the ancient practice of Ayurveda, frozen foods are viewed as lacking in essential vitality or life force. Frozen foods strain the digestive fire (jatharagni) or "fire in the belly", which is the basis for physical health. Also, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is believed that warm and cooked food aid the digestive system and allow it to work more effectively, whereas frozen food can even damage the digestive system and lead to poor appetite. Both these ancient and holistic forms of healing believe that the food we eat should not only be nourishing but also energetically abundant and unfortunately, frozen food is lacking in the energy department. Therefore, I wouldn't recommend eating too many of these frozen bowls, no matter how delicious and pretty they are😩(especially if you are a Vata dosha in Ayurvedic terms, or yin excessive in TCM terms).

These are great though for hot summer days, once in a while, when your body feels like having a nice ice-cold bowl of delicious nutrients. I believe everything is a balance, but most importantly it's about feeling good after your meals and tuning in to your body. Intuitive eating is what I practice and advise my family, friends, and clients to practice as well. Really listening to what your body thrives on and what depletes it, is most important!


Thank you so much for reading my first post! I can't wait to share with you guys all the goodies I have hidden up my sleeve about health and wellness!

I am so grateful for you and I am excited to see the tribe we will be building here! 🙏


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