Mindfulness in the Mundane

Promoting a healthier life by adding mindfulness to your daily routine with safe multi-tasking that adds up to big results.

Are you trying to create a healthier, more robust life for yourself but find that it’s nearly impossible to do what you have to do throughout the day AND add in all the new and healthier habits like exercise, meditation, breath-work, etc.? I know I have, and especially now with three kids, I have to re-establish a routine (or rather new rituals as I prefer to call it) that works with our busy schedules but also allows me to do the important self-care tools that keep me sane and healthy!

Now, I am not a big fan of multi-tasking and whenever possible I prefer to focus my attention solely on a task at hand and that makes me finish it quicker. Though there are times when I believe it’s safe to multi-task which is why I call this my “Safe Multi-Tasking Ritual”. These are the times when we are on autopilot.

When our minds are just wasting time thinking about nonsense anyway and could be put to better use, moments like:

· Brushing your teeth

· Showering

· Applying makeup

· Walking up and down the stairs

· Moments waiting in the car (red light, school drop offs, etc.)

· Commuting

· Cleaning (dishes, laundry, vacuuming, etc.)

· Eating (this is a big one)

All of these could be done with a little more intention. Now what do I mean by intention? Becoming conscious of what is happening at the moment and being mindful of where your attention goes.

I believe one of the most important lessons we can learn here as humans, is to live through intention vs. just going with the motion of things. Life will pass us by so quickly and you won’t have truly lived that moment. The power to be present and aware of what is happening instead of being inside your head chained by your thoughts.

With safe multi-tasking you can turn those mundane moments into real habits to create a healthy life without taking any more time out of your day! Now let’s dive right into it…


Upon waking up take 5 minutes to yourself to:

· Be mindful of the new day

· Take a few deep breaths in and out

· Drink 2 cups of water (that you set beside the bed the night before)

· Either write down in a journal three things you are grateful for or say them out loud, or just think them by focusing on them

· Set your intention(s) for the day


You can do all those things while:

· Getting up out of bed

· Making the bed. Now if you aren’t already used to making the bed I suggest you start because it’s a small step in your success. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos online about millionaires and making the bed…right? If not here ya go… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdOCKenghy8.

· Breastfeeding baby

· Peeing

· Getting dressed