Quickly Transform Anxiety

Updated: May 20, 2019

3 quick, easy tricks to calm your mind right now

Anxiety is a state of being that is turning into a full blown disorder in many, many people's lives, 1 in 13 globally that is! We live in a time where stress hormones readily build up (with so many stressful factors throughout our day), but are not easily and readily released. Which creates imbalances in our body and these imbalances lead to a number of symptoms, anxiety being a common one. In humanity's distant past, stress would build by cortisol and adrenaline spikes and we would act on it, immediately- kind of like our kids do🙃. Today, stress builds up and we keep going, on to the next one. Pile on environmental toxins that create more imbalances in the gut and our hormones,🌀the cycle continues and your body is in a constant state of rebalancing creating more stress on the detoxing organs, and around we go.

Anxiety affects 40 million adults in the United States alone (1 in 13 globally)! Women being 60% more likely to develop anxiety when compared to men.

While it is important to note that complete healing of an anxiety disorder requires a lot (diet and lifestyle changes, therapy, spiritual healing, etc.) I want to give you three simple and quick techniques you can do right now, wherever you are to ease the tension and bring you back to your sanity- and no, its not counting backwards from 10...or 100 (cuz sometimes 10 is not enough 😂).

1- Breath work

Breathing, as you may already know, is very therapeutic. Certain kinds of breathing brings us into a parasympathetic state. If you are not familiar with sympathetic and parasympathetic states, let me break it down super quick: your sympathetic nervous system is responsible for your flight or fight response, aka the fear based, stress causing, anxiety ridden state of being. Its great if you need to react fast to an external danger, if you are working out, etc. Not great when you are constantly living in this state. On the other hand your parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for resting and digesting, think healing and cleansing, and growing, this is the one where we feel relaxed, this is where you wanna live.

If you are dealing with anxiety you are definitely in the sympathetic state (and yeah its pretty pathetic😂 but I can sympathize). Puns or no puns, this is definitely not a fun state to be in, so to bring yourself out of this mind frame you need to breath, deeply and mindfully.

  • Start NOW by placing your hand on your belly (right on top of the bellybutton)

  • Take one deep breath in, feel it fill your lungs, opening the diaphragm, and expanding the belly.

  • Hold it in while filling your entire body with love and lightness.

  • As you exhale the breath, release with it all the tension, stress, and anxiety that you are feeling.

Repeat this now but with counts

  • Take a deep breath in, filling the lungs while counting to 4.

  • Hold the breath in for 7 counts while filling the body with love and light.

  • Exhale all your stress and anxiety for 8 counts, allowing all the air to leave your lungs.

R e p e a t , r e p e a t , r e p e a t .

Repeat this until your anxiety has evaporated away, transforming into little light particles that hold no weight over you or your life.

2. Mindful Gratitude