The Holistic way to Healthier Hair - really, what is the most effective way to gorgeous hair?

Updated: Sep 26

2018 when my hair was dry, thin, and brittle. Now 2019, after healing from the inside my hair is shiny, full, and bouncy!

With all the products out there promising us beautiful hair, how are we to choose? Better yet, how do we even know what to look for that is going to work AND is healthy for long term use?

We all want beautiful, full, shiny, and healthy hair right? I know I always have– and especially for me with curly hair I have always struggled with what to do with my hair. I come from generations of women who struggled with their curls. With very little resources or experience of how to love and enrich our curls, my mother and I both spent most of my life just doing what other people did with their hair, shampoo, condition, brush, style, dye, straighten, etc. We used products that promised us healthy, thick hair from TV commercials, never really being conscious of the idea that curly hair is different—and going the extra mile to learn what we were really applying to our hair. After having kids and experiencing first hand what my mom experienced with hair loss (so much hair loss), I decided it was time to end the cycle of bad hair days and discover the cause of thinning hair and the process of proper hair care!

After struggling with so much hair loss, I was in a place where I just accepted my hair would always be thin, brittle and dry.

The many phases of my hair during this time. April 2016 when I decided to chop it all off and a year later when I decided to dye it all kinds of colors.

My hair story continues...

My mom said she never cuts her hair because it never grows, so, I cut my hair…because I’m such a rebel😈. But you know what, she was right, 3 years after cutting my hair it hadn’t grown more than a couple of inches. I was done. Like my mom, I thought this was just my hair and I should just face it. I had decided I might as well have fun with it, so I dyed it all kinds of colors but of course, more and more hair would shed. I was probably going bald, so I stopped and realized I need to be rational and take better care of my hair.

I tried countless products ranging from commercial toxic filled ones to the cleanest homemade options. I have done the curly girl method and tested my hair porosity, I have given up brushing and embraced scrunching, and after hundreds of hair masks I was about ready to throw in the towel (the micro fiber hair towel of course)😅.

Until—my most recent pregnancy. My blood results came back from my pre-natal visit and I was shocked at the results. My hemoglobin has always been below “normal”, so that part wasn’t what shocked me, but the platelet count did. There were other numbers on my test results that, too, were extremely low, such as my vitamin D leveld and my B12 levels. My blood needed attention and as a health coach I knew that this was the missing link to so many other issues I was facing, namely my hair.

Now, even though this is just my story, I have seen this happen with so many others from friends, family, and clients who experience the same symptoms. Yet, with myself, I didn’t even think to go to the source. As a society we have been taught to put a temporary fix on the matter and hope it heals us. For some people it does, for others, the issue is deeper. As for me and many others, the issue was much deeper, deep in the veins.

The root cause of thinning hair

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (ancient form of healing dating back 2,500 years with natural treatments), the health of our hair is a reflection of the health of our blood, kidneys, and liver—and in good flow of what TCM calls Jing. Our Jing is our essence (congenital and acquired). When the Jing is stagnant and doesn’t flow properly, it affects the health of the kidneys, liver, and blood causing all kinds of symptom, one being brittle, thinning, and greying hair. Therefore, to heal the hair we have to start from the inside!

With proper blood building vitamins, minerals, and herbs, I was able to build up my blood and eventually watch my hair grow full again! It’s a slow process of course, nothing happens overnight. It's an ongoing healing that will require dedication. But it’s very worth it, because the results won't only show up on your hair, burt everywhere else! That is why I want to share this with everyone who has had to deal with thinning hair. Don’t settle. You deserve better, babygirl!

Update (March 2021): I also learned that when it comes to minerals, the ratio is more important than the amount for each mineral alone. Since our bodies work synergistically, each mineral and vitamin depend on each other to properly function. I made sure to add in a herbal, or seaweed I should say, mineral supplement which allows my body to readily recognize the minerals it needs and release what it doesn't. Check below for the brand I am using!

How to start healing